Events at Bryn Stowe:

'One Day' at Scarborough Railway Station

Bryn Stowe's 'Bookman', D.B.Lewis meets up with co-author Len Friskney at Len's Wilfred Owen display at Scarborough Railway Station on the August bank holiday Saturday.

Len, who has long championed Owen in Scarborough through the Clifton Hotel where he works, collaborated on David's recent book 'One Day in December' which continues to sell well. The book contains chapters by Len on the history of the hotel and Owen's stay there during the First World War. The book also contains the script and theatre production notes of the commemorative production on Owen and the First World War. This was produced by David and his Third And First Age Theatre Company in 2014 with help from Len on the Owen story at the Clifton where the play is set.

The book, copies of which have been sent to purchasers in many countries from America to Australia, also contains a unique account of the sinking of the Scarborough Fishing Fleet as seen from both the British and German sides.

Len also gave away dozens of copies of the free 'Owen in Scarborough Trail' guide produced by Bryn Stowe Publications to much acclaim and has inspired youngsters from all parts of North Yorkshire and beyond to look at Owen's time here and the poetry he wrote or revised here.

Len decided to staff the stand after the new installation in the station windows highlighted Owen's time in Scarborough.

M.E. Awareness Month August 2021

Did you know? Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) affects between 130,000 and 260,000 people in the UK and over 2.5 million worldwide who are struggling to live with this debilitating condition.

ME/CFS is a neurological disease affecting adults and young people from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

It can lead to long-term disability and a lower quality of life than either multiple sclerosis or cancer.

At least 25% of the people affected will be housebound or bed-bound at any one time. Those with the most severe form of the disease will need 24-hour care. For many, ME/CFS is a complex post-viral fatigue syndrome affecting many bodily functions that can occur at any time.  ME/CFS is known by several names e.g. Myalgic Encephalopathy, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The condition is widely misunderstood and sometimes even completely or partially ignored or overlooked by the authorities and the general public and a cure is probably still a long way off.

As many of our readers will know, Bryn Stowe's director and bookman, David Lewis's daughter, Kate, lives with this condition of M.E. and is now almost completely bed-bound and living in sheltered accomodation in Cloughton. She was a vibrant and wonderful primary school teacher and foster parent until she contracted the condition, probably as a result of picking up a viral infection, and has been unable to work or even leave her front door, prepare food or complete even basic domestic functions for several years now.

To help raise awareness of this condition David has written this poem for the cause which speaks of the heartbreak the condition can cause and pleads for a cure to be found. It is a response to the Open Medicine Foundation's awareness raising campaign that asked sufferers to send in 'The View From My Window' that most who have the condition are locked in behind.

The View from My Window

by a father

There is a window in a heart

Where a loving soul peers out,

But the cracked pain cries,

With a father’s sighs

For a daughter’s silent shout.

Yet still her smile

Through fog-foul glass,

Opaque with running tears,

Inspires that love that hides the fears

That M.E. will not pass.

The ache of each year’s passing days

Seers every step I climb,

I am that heart

That’s torn apart:

That seeks a cure in time.

Two thousand days of endless nights

Her smiling lips each morning,

Say ‘Dad, just be

That heart for me,

There is a new day dawning.’

‘A day when M.E. will be cured,

A day of joy and laughter,

For me and you,

Our family too,

Whose love will stay long after.’

‘That day when I will leave my bed,

And feel the trees again,

To live, have fun,

To touch the sun,

Without a window-pane.’

To all who work towards this end,

We send this desperate plea:

To find the way

For Dads to say…

‘At last! Our hearts are free!’

If you can help by reposting this poem or printing it in your own publications we would be extremely grateful. Please credit David and mention the work of the Open Medicine Foundation and the M.E. Association if at all possible. Thank you all very much indeed on behalf of Kate and the family and M.E. families everywhere.

A Story in Need of an Ending:

Those attending our stall at Hackness Poppy Craft Fair recently helped with a chain story by adding a new line each to the developing plot. Now it needs an ending, exciting or inspiring, gruesome or mysterious..the page is open!! Please put your writing caps on and see if you can finish this wonderful chain story: it really does need a grand finale to round it all off: the best entry will receive a small prize and will be published here on the site.

The Hound of Hackness

A short story by various authors…

Had it all really happened here, here in homely Hackness? The howl made me shiver; my spine tingled in the hair on the back of my neck. Spooked.

Helen and her brother Harry froze. ‘What was that terrible noise, Harry?’ said Helen. Helen replied, ‘I think it sounded like a wounded animal, Harry’.

The howling grew so loud Harry was unable to speak…

‘Don’t be afraid Harry’ said Helen, ‘There is a full moon tonight and sometimes strange things happen in the country. I think it came from behind the village hall,’ mused Helen. ‘You know there are some sheds behind the car park…’

They slowly crept round the shadowy building. ‘I can’t see anything,’ hissed Harry. Just then another howl shook the earth. A pair of yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. They froze. In front of them was the hound.

‘Horrible! No other word for it.’ said Helen.

‘I agree,’ said Harry.

Rosie the hound was big and friendly. She had big pink eyes and wore pigtails. The hound was lost. Helen and Harry decided they would help Rosie to find her way home.

On the way the hound fell down a large sinkhole in Raincliffe Woods. Helen and Harry had no idea what to do. Could they rescue Rosie? They could hear her howling away. It was a deep hole but suddenly Helen had an idea…

Her idea was that they got a magic carpet that they threw in for the hound who jumped on and flew out…

The dog appeared face to face and stared and faced them… and then…?

It charged! Harry and Helen backed away, the hound was immense, its bared teeth and glowing eyes terrified them – it covered the ground between them, Helen flipped, Harry stood over her, prepared for the worst… The hound sprang at him, reared up, put its paws on his shoulders – and… licked his face!

The hound was desperate for some love and affection. Although he was huge and looked very fierce, all he really wanted was a ‘forever family’. Harry and Helen were still very scared of him… Helen shouted, and the hound was frightened. Yet again he faced rejection.

Harry started to sneeze…’You are allergic,’ said Helen. She stood up and shouted again… The hound turned. His head hanging low, he slowly walked away…

It was a long trudge, a lonely one, Harry and Helen were crying; they had let Rosie down…

Rosie was sad and forlorn on his lonely journey. He turned the corner and met a lonesome fox, and although he feared the magical red beast, they very quickly became friends and on they trekked…

Now Helen and Harry followed…

Cloughton Writers in the News

'Cloughton Writers' hit The Scarborough News recently with the following article.

‘A friendly, scary, howling, giant, face-licking, Hackness Hound named ‘Rosie’ with pink eyes and pigtails falls into a sinkhole only to be rescued by a magic carpet belonging to local children Harry and Helen before finding her forever friend in Freddy Fox, and then…?

An unlikely story? Not at all as the first chain story emerged from the stand of the newly formed ‘Cloughton Writers’ group who were displaying their talents at Hackness Craft Fair on Sunday 25th of July. All the story needs now is a hopefully happy ending…

Helped on their way at Hackness by the Mayor and Mayoress of Scarborough, Councillor Eric Broadbent and Mrs Lynn Broadbent, ‘Cloughton Writers’ have come together this year to explore ways of inspiring their readers to consider taking up a new hobby, pastime, or interest. Further writing projects will surely follow.

Part funded by a North Yorkshire County Council ‘Safer Communities’ grant, the new group is based at Cober Hill Hotel and Conference Centre and meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. The first members include a local historian, a novelist, a non-fiction writer, a dramatist, a script writer, two poets and an English teacher across a wide range of levels from beginners to published authors.

Convener David Lewis said, ‘the NYCC grant has allowed us to be involved with other local writers at Cober Hill - an amazingly inspirational place for the creative arts; the group has started together really positively and our first public event at Hackness Craft Fair was brilliant. The Mayor and Mayoress kindly set us on our way and the chain story, ‘The Hound of Hackness’, started off by group member Steve Brindle, invited people to add one or two lines to an ongoing story. It was great fun with contributions from writers of four years old to eighty-five years young who all received a small prize for their efforts.’

Membership of the group, either as a writer or a supporter, is by application and invitation, dependent on the current available space at the venue. For further information please contact conveners David Lewis or Wanda Maciuszko go on [email protected] or use the website

David Lewis: Tel: 07940074737 [email protected]

Credit: The Scarborough News

Adventurous Author Ann Launches her First Book

Ever wondered what The Gambia might be like to visit? One adventurous housewife and fundraising mother did too and packed her cycling gear and went travelling there for charity. The result? A fine new travel book from Bryn Stowe Publications of Scarborough.

Intrepid adventurer and now emerging author, Ann Cumberland, recently joined the Btryn Stowe stable of writers by having her first work published by the company. The fundraising travel book entitled ‘Which Way to The Gambia?’ is the second in the Bryn Stowe Travel Books series. The book was launched at Cober Hill Hotel and Conference Centre on Friday 25th June to much acclaim and beamed around the world via a Zoom broadcast.

The book ‘Which Way to The Gambia?’ is an account of the International Police Association Barcelona branch charitable aid trip taking cycles to a school in The Gambia which author Ann joined in 2019 just before the pandemic struck and is published as a fund-raising initiative to buy further bikes for The Gambian school children.

David says ‘We are very proud to be publishing and supporting this work as the second in our ‘Bryn Stowe Travel’ series and is an excellent glimpse into some of the highlights as well as the hardships of the children’s life in The Gambia. This is Ann Cumberland’s first book, but we are sure many more will follow. She has a humorous and pithy take on life, not just on the charitable trip she joined to The Gambia but on life in Northern Ireland and beyond.’

The launch event was held in the theatre at Cober Hill Hotel and Conference Centre on Friday 25th June 2021. Due to Covid restrictions, attendance was restricted to twenty invited guests who thoroughly enjoyed hearing Ann being interviewed by David Lewis, the publisher. Cober Hill is also the home of the newly established ‘Cloughton Writers’ writing group hosted by Bryn Stowe Publications and supported by grant funding from the North Yorkshire County Council Stronger Communities Fund. For further enquiries about this group please contact David at Bryn Stowe Publications.

Online Launch of 'Return to Premantura'

Watch this space for details of the launch party for David’s latest book.

Lecture and Book Launch: ‘A Glimpse into Dementia’

With author D.B. Lewis.

We regret that this event has now been postponed until a post Covid time in 2021