Bryn Stowe Publications

Bryn Stowe Publications is a small author support and publishing house independently serving the needs of members of the International Police Association Global Writers' Forum and occasionally other clients by invitation, usually in the Third Sector.

If you are a member of the International Police Association and an existing author or aspiring writer in any genre we would love to hear from you.

We offer a range of services to our clients including editing, proofreading, writer support, friendship, inspiration and encouragement, cover design, page setting and all aspects of publication and printing. We also signpost to a number of mainstream publishing houses as well as self publishing platforms.

We specialize in non-fiction and in particular biography, reminiscence, diary and journal publication, travel, history and creative anthologies but support our clients across a range of genres and styles including poetry.

Bryn Stowe Publications deliver young peoples' stories in their 'Stan the Superhero' series and deliver travel books and guides in their 'Bryn Stowe Travel Books' series.

Bryn Stowe Publications is a full member of the Publishers Association. 

A Note of the International Police Association Global Writers Forum and Section UK Special Interest Group

The IPA Global Writers Forum and Section UK Writers Special Interest Group currently has over 50 members, many of whom are published authors, some with extensive canons but we offer support to clients with a wide range of knowledge and experience including a number of new writers and emerging authors.

Our 'Bookman', David (author D.B. Lewis), is the current chair of the IPA Writers Forum and is also the current editor of their monthly magazine 'Writes'.

If you are a police writer and not an existing member of the IPA we would still love to hear from you with the aim of encouraging you to join the Forum and offer your own expertise to this exciting and innovative group of wonderful friends.

Please contact David on: [email protected] or send a message from the link on this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

To purchase any of these publications, please contact us at [email protected] or via the contact section on this website.

Current works include:

‘Which Way to The Gambia?’ by Ann Cumberland   Published 2021   RRP: £12.50

Which Way to The Gambia?' is the story of how an adventurous housewife and mother from Armagh joined forces with a group of cyclists from Barcelona to gift bikes and more to children in a beautiful African country.

With humour, fortitude and no Spanish whatsoever, Ann recounts the tale of her trip and shares a glimpse of a week spent with some fascinating people in a very different land.

‘Return to Premantura’ by D.B. Lewis

The wonderful hospitality of the Istrian people of Croatia is explored in this illustrated travel diary of a month spent in and around the village of Premantura.

A must for anyone planning a trip to this idyllic region.

‘Stan Goes to Scalby Fair’ by various authors   Publish​ed 2019 in association with the National Literacy Trust and the International Police Association

Stories from young writers based on ‘Stan the Superhero’ a 1968 Police Morris Minor. Currently out of print.

‘One Day in December’ by D.B. Lewis & Len Friskney   Published 2019   RRP: £12.99

Available on demand from the distributors: Tredition, Hamburg or from Bryn Stowe Publications.

The story of the First World War in Scarborough covering the 1914 Bombardment, Wilfred Owen, and the sinking of the fishing fleet. Contains the script and stage directions of the community play of the same name which was first performed in 2014.

The Wilfred Owen in Scarborough Trail

Free from selected Scarborough Outlets.

Bryn Stowe Publications proudly founded the Wilfred Owen Trail in Scarborough in 2018 since when over 5,000 copies of the free Trail Guide have been distributed. The Trail covers a walk from The Clifton Hotel on Queen’s Parade around 12 key locations associated with the First World War poet Wilfred Owen before finishing at the site of the former Burniston Barracks.

‘Great Aunts and Armadillos’ by D.B. Lewis   Published 2018   RRP: £12.99​

Available on demand from the distributors: Tredition, Hamburg or from Bryn Stowe Publications.

A glimpse into the issues surrounding dementia through the story of a sufferer and her family over an eight-year period of the condition. Tredition ‘Book of the Month’ for August 2018.

‘Plotting Shed’ by various authors.   Published 2017   RRP: Now £10

26 authors from the University of Hull Creative Writing programme explore the 7 Basic Plots of Christopher Booker’s theory. A must for creative writing students with a forward by Lady Heather Ayckbourn.

‘A Little Bit of Trouble in London’ by D.B Lewis   Published 2016   RRP: £6.99

The story of a young London Bobby’s first few years of policing the capital city through the IRA bombing campaign, civil unrest, political upheaval and more. A fascinating short account of London life in the mid-1970s.